Why Starting A New Business In Turkey Is A Sound Decision

Starting your own business is an exciting project and if you are thinking of doing it abroad, the experience is even more intense. If you are thinking of starting a company in Turkey, then there has never been a better time. Recent legislation there promotes foreign investment, meaning it is much easier today to start a business in Turkey. The internal banking services and general infrastructure has been vastly improved, with trade links between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East maintaining a strong position. Turkey has historically attracted high levels of foreign investment due to this unique trading position and is recognised as offering some significant opportunities for company establishment. You may have to deal with bureaucratic procedures, but the scope will make it worth the effort. Read on to find out more about how to start business in Turkey.

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Starting a Company in Turkey

It is easy to understand why Turkey appeals worldwide as a profitable business destination, especially for new businesses. It offers a young and highly educated population, where nearly half of its population are under 30. There is also a large amount of international companies that have launched new offices throughout the major cities, particularly around Ankara and Istanbul. Although most foreigner investors tend to focus on tourism, the Turkish Commercial Code contains several different business structures, all open to foreigners wanting to start a business in Turkey. Corporate law stipulates equal treatment, so international investors are entitled to exactly the same rights as Turkish ones. However, there are some regulated sectors like aviation and energy, where business in Turkey for foreigners gets a little more complex.

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Company Establishment in Turkey

It is always a good idea to start with research on how to start business in Turkey, check out the relevant authorities and seek legal advice before you get started with company establishment. The most popular option for foreigners is a private limited company, which can be easily set up by as little as two non Turkish nationals. If you are wondering about the price for starting a business in Turkey, then this requires a minimum of 10,000TL and you will need to have at least one shareholder. The process for company incorporation is fairly straightforward, and you should be able to then start trading within a week. This makes it perfect for choices of international business in Turkey like restaurants, letting companies, hotels, estate agents or shops.

Newly industrialised countries like Turkey provide an extremely interesting opportunity and provide a fertile base for ideas. Businesses can be started with minimum investment and have low operating costs. Today, there are plenty of unpenetrated markets and plenty of scope for entrepreneurs to replicate successful business models. Turkey is an attractive proposition, so why not get started today?

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Business in Turkey For Sale

Some investors find purchasing an existing business to be a safer option with greater benefits. It will have a stable trading history, existing customers, and staff who understand the business. Businesses for sale can easily be found on websites, or you can use a business broker to inform you about new businesses entering the market. It is likely to be a big investment, so be sure that you understand the legal aspects. As experienced local accountants we provide insight into business potential, competition levels and help you start your companies for reasonable cost of company formation in turkey.

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