LLC Establishment in Turkey

Limited Liability Company Establishment

In recent years the LLC, Limited Liability Company, has been the most prevalent form of business in Turkey. Limited liability company establishment in Turkey is easy to set up and chosen by many foreigners because registering this form of business is simple and it is easy to operate. However, before you set up an LLC, find out about the registration procedure and the documents required by the Turkish authorities. For example, a minimum share capital of 10,000 TL is currently required for setting up a limited liability company in Turkey.

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Business in Turkey for Foreigners

Starting a business in Turkey is easy for foreigners as the country encourages international investment. It does this through its foreign direct investment (FDI) law, which allows foreign investors equal rights and liabilities with local investors. More so, we are here to guide you through the full process. All you need to do when starting a company in Turkey is to conduct the necessary research, with our support, and then make your choice about the right company model.

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International Business in Turkey

We will help you start your business in Turkey. We will guide you on company establishment prices and also provide the following benefits:

  • Guide you in completing necessary documentation
  • Help you with correct filing of documents
  • Inform you on the Articles of Association

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Creating a company in Turkey wouldn’t have been possible without your help. Thanks for all the efforts and time you spent on my projects.
Darrel Searle JSC Establishment in Turkey

They helped me expand my business to Turkey. Facilitating a complex process for me helped me to focus on my strategy instead of the paperwork and bureaucracy.

Sultan Aamer LLC Establishment in Turkey

Limited Liability Company Establishment The Trade Registry Offices in the Chambers of Commerce in Turkey establishes limited liability companies.

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