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Understanding the Costs of Business in Turkey

If you want to start a business in Turkey, an important part is getting all the necessary documents in order. These documents will contain details on the names of shareholders and their addresses. Also, the cost of company formation in Turkey might be unknown to you. For company establishment, our experienced attorneys will offer information on the Articles of Association and the relevant costs of registering the business.

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Costs for Joint Stock Company Setup

The costs associated with setting up a JSC in Turkey can vary. It will depend on a number of factors including the amount of capital stock and the particular business size, segment and activities. At least one partner is needed to establish a JSC and there is also a minimum amount of capital stock required, some of which will be blocked in a Turkish bank. After the company has been formed, this block will cease and the money will be available in your corporate account. Company registration will require the translation and notarization of all relevant documents, so there will be costs associated to this important process. There may also be costs for an interpreter and additional costs for each additional partner or manager in the company. A registry fee with the Chamber of Commerce and other company formation legal fees should also be taken into consideration.

Costs for Limited Liability Company Setup

The cost of setting up a LLC in Turkey will vary depending on factors like the number of partners, available capital and chosen business sector. At least one partner is required to establish a LLC and there is also a minimum amount of capital required. All the necessary documents will require both translation and notarizing during the setup process. There may be other legal costs involved and there will also be an additional cost for each partner or company manager. Again, there will be a cost for the trade registry process and other necessary requirements from an interpreter to preparing invoices and company stamp.

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Creating a company in Turkey wouldn’t have been possible without your help. Thanks for all the efforts and time you spent on my projects.
Darrel Searle JSC Establishment in Turkey

They helped me expand my business to Turkey. Facilitating a complex process for me helped me to focus on my strategy instead of the paperwork and bureaucracy.

Sultan Aamer LLC Establishment in Turkey

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